Mark & James & Martin.
(Mycroft & Professor X & John)

Mark & James & Martin.

(Mycroft & Professor X & John)

I love this movie so much!

Benedict & famous friends ;)

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday Dear Michael,
Happy Birthday to youuuu! 

<3 <3

James, Hugh and X-men train. :))


What is this cuteness?! :) (via )

Got a Benedict Cumberbatch interview in High Life tomorrow, driving Jaguars on ice. If you’re flying BA take a look

@ Personal enjoyment, no ad. He’s a Jaguar brand ambassador and drives an XK-R sports car

First of 30 daily facts gleaned from my Cumberbatch BA High Life interview 1. His favourite city is London


Ladies (and Gentlemen), Mr. Joaquin Phoenix!

Beautiful. Touching. Atmospheric.

by Excellent Spike Jonze!

[McFassy’s] laughter is the best medicine.

The touch.

Do you remember? :))

I still love Mili & Ivo! and Facundo… one of my first celebrity crushes! :D

I died.


I died.